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Case Study: Jamie Metzl and Hacking Darwin


Jamie Metzl is a veritable Buckaroo Bonzai — W.H.O. committee expert advisor, novelist, triathlete, North Korea expert, technology futurist, founder of a global social movement,“original truth-seeker” at the center of the debate over the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, and more. With, our challenge was to create a website that clearly conveyed Jamie’s rich, multi-dimensional profile, while making it easy for visitors to explore and enjoy his content. With, our goal was to present Metzl’s ground-breaking new book, Hacking Darwin, on the future of genetic engineering, conveying both the credibility of the perspective and the accessibility of the book’s content.

Solutions and Outcomes Working with Jamie, Daylight deployed and continues to support this multi-page website, complete with hardened security and the flexibility to accommodate dynamic content and a growing library of media appearances. This WordPress site was set up to allow Jamie to make blog posts and other timely edits — driven by his participation in hyper-current news events —  without being distracted by the more technical aspects of the site. Working with the publisher of Hacking Darwin, Daylight designed and built a website that has helped the book become an international bestseller, published in several languages, and significantly increased Jamie Metzl’s speaking engagements, including a recent appearance on “60 Minutes” to discuss the origins of COVID-19.

“I’ve worked with Jamie Douglas on many different political, NGO, and business projects over many years and can say without any hesitation that he is simply the best. His strategic sense is highly developed, his ideas are thoughtful, and his execution and attention to detail are superb. I really can’t praise Jamie or his work highly enough.”

Jamie Metzl, Founder and Chair, OneShared.World; Co-Chair, Partnership for a Secure America; Senior Fellow, the Atlantic Council; Former NSC, State Department official; World Health Organization expert advisory committee member on human genome editing


  • Design, art direct, copywrite, develop, launch, maintain, and host websites; infographic design.
  • Branding and identity
  • Hardened website security
  • Custom photo-illustration and graphic design
  • Ongoing website maintenance and monitoring
  • Essential WordPress training
  • SEO and Google Analytics
  • Brand guidelines