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Case Study: PSE Bainbridge


A group of Bainbridge Island, Washington, citizens mounted an effort for a municipal takeover of the electric and gas utility serving Bainbridge Island. Although Puget Sound Energy (PSE) had been serving the island for several decades, islanders generally focused on PSE during storm outages and were otherwise unaware of PSE’s contributions to the community and leadership on renewable energy. With its public profile vulnerable, PSE faced a significant risk of losing Bainbridge.


Working with Sound View Strategies, in coordination with PSE’s Bainbridge Island team, Daylight produced a targeted multi-year print and digital ad campaign that raised awareness of PSE’s contributions to Bainbridge and neighboring communities, leadership on renewable energy — both regionally and in retail solutions — infrastructure upgrades, and unique ability to respond to storm-related power outages. Moreover, the campaign cheered Bainbridge citizens for their role in making Bainbridge one of the greenest communities in the state.


The municipal takeover effort was abandoned before it came to a ballot question and PSE’s net-positive profile in the community increased significantly.


  • Print and digital advertising, targeted through local news organizations and blogs, including concept, message development, copy-writing, graphic design (within PSE-brand templates), art direction, and ad placement
  • Web development / design consultation with


(Ad samples above and below have animated digital complements)