NDIA Request for Proposals: Communications Consultant

Dear Amy and Yvette,

Thank you so much again for inviting us to participate in your RFP. Your mission is truly amazing and we would be very fortunate to help move it forward.

We took your advice — “You decide how best to shape your proposal” — to heart and built a micro-site on our server that contains our proposal. We thought that might make it more easily accessible and shareable. (Our site is currently under re-construction.)

We also decided to use your stated “proposal elements” and “selection criteria” (loosely) to organize the presentation.

At the top of each page, the navigation menu can guide you around the proposal.

The “proposal elements” include:

The “additional selection criteria” includes:

For the case studies / related work, not all of the examples are from national campaigns or focused solely on messaging and visual assets. However, I hope that you will see how they reflect our experience with and solutions for a broad range of strategic communications puzzles — each challenged by different audiences, cultural and political landscapes, content requirements, strategic goals, etc. — which will allow us to bring a rich and nuanced sensibility and perspective to your project.

I hope this all makes sense!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you very much again!


Jamie Douglas