Daylight Mission Statement

Many years ago, while working as the creative director of a leading Democrat political consulting firm, Jamie Douglas bought this T-shirt at Union Station in Washington, D.C. He liked the design.

When he wore it to work one day, he and the shirt were met with some derision from a co-leader, who said, “Aren’t you embarrassed to wear that?” Jamie was taken aback, but was familiar with and sensitive to the perspective that showing the colors, so to speak, could be interpreted as some kind of simplistic, corny nationalism or, worse, jingoistic personification of a frenzied crowd blindly chanting “USA! USA! USA!” But he was undeterred, for to him the flag has always represented the idea of the great American Experiment, a mission to be invested in and strived for — a sustainable democracy, ever evolving toward a more civil, humane, equitable, and just nation. So the shirt remains, torn but still worn with hope and purpose every July 4.

In this spirit, Daylight was created to use our creative and strategic communications skills and experience to leave the world a better place than we found it. We have assisted and continue to assist people advancing the causes of equitable public education; renewable energy, conservation, and environmental protection; open access to information; access to affordable health care; expansion and safeguarding of workers’ and voters’ rights; consumer safety; and many more progressive causes.

We are fortunate to have worked for and continue to work for amazing people and their transformative missions.

Our work style is honest and straightforward (and guided by a touch of humor). Open collaboration is essential to our client approach. You do not have all the answers, nor do we, but with our collective wisdom and experience we can find them. Most important, our mission is to put our best recommendations forward in the clearest way possible so that you can move your mission forward with confidence and purpose.