Selection Criteria Considerations

Strategy, Message, Audience

More than three decades of working with our clients on their communications challenges have taught us to ensure that message and strategy inform every decision — from concept to design, from text length to typography, from color to voice. Every recommendation we make is guided by a thorough understanding of your strategy and messaging.

Crucial to this understanding is defining your audiences clearly: How are they distinct from each other? What are they looking for? What would define the distinctive value or your mission and message for them? What information do they need from you? What will help them most clearly understand it? How do we put their needs front and center?

That said, there are many ways to execute a single strategy and express a messaging framework, so your preferences and aesthetic sensibilities are no less important. So, we would want to discuss your assumptions behind your goals — however intuitively obvious to you — not to question them, but to better understand how we can most effectively work together.

Then we would want to absorb your story — the successes and impacts, the names and faces and places, and the data behind the stories.

Finally, we would work to visually and verbally shape the narrative and presentation in a compelling and graphic execution that fits within your message framework and strategy.


As we are boutique agency, our pricing is very competitive. While budget and pricing depend on what you eventually determine to be the scope of work, generally we segment pricing by flat fee per task. We’re confident your max budget of $20,000 would seem to easily allow for messaging development, a reasonable volume of visual assets (graphics for social media, ad templates, infographics, etc.), including a pitch deck. Bottom line: We’ll work with you to meet your budget in order to deliver a powerful suite of brand assets.


In general, the timeline would depend upon a final agreement of deliverables and the most logical progression thereof. That said, your deadline of September 30 seems reasonable and fits well with our availability.